Management Trio Pendrive Kit



This Management Trio Comes with following 3 management programs

(1) Goal Setting & Achieving: Learn what is Goal, how to set & achieve it

(2) Time Management: Learn to Manage your time effectively & get the maximum out of it

(3) Winning Habits: Know what the Losing habits & cultivate winning habits which will make you a winner



KINDLY NOTE: This Pendrive Kit will work with Laptop & Computer only

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    Dynamic Memory Workshop Pendrive Kit



    Develop a SUPER Memory in Just 30 Days… Study Less, Score More!

    You need a few Techniques that can help you to build long lasting memory to remember things, events, Important Details of Day to Day Life Quickly, Effectively and Efficiently.

    Take the time to reinvigorate your brain neurons by joining our most Effective Dynamic Memory Online Workshop.

    41 Videos | 10+ Hours Course | 1 Year Validity


    Risk Free
    Password Protected
    Cost Effective
    10+ Hours Video Content
    27×7 Access
    Any Time Access


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