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Experience Awakening
Know the truth of Life & Experience the Power of NOW

Get Ready to know  the Truth of Life…

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself, what is the purpose of your Life? Are Reading 100’s of Book to know the actual purpose of your Life? Want to know the GOD and your Spiritual Journey? Are you tired of finding and gathering spiritual knowledge but not able to implement or correlate with your life?

Awakening Workshop is the 4 Day Residential Spiritual Camp to reach absolute height and depth of spirituality.

 This workshop is combination of theories & practicals including Modern science, Vedic science, Meditations and lots of unique methodology related with meditation. It’s a safe, secure way for you to explore both the inner working of your mind and the outer manifestations of transcendental reality. In this workshop whatever technique you learn you will be able to adopt it and find your ‘true self’ in the serenity of meditation.

If there is no meditation then you are like a blind man in a world of great beauty, light and colour

The Divine Needs You as Much as You Need The Divine…

As the earth is moving into the 4th Dimension we all need to prepare ourselves for that. We have very less time to go for shift of earth’s energies. So it’s the time to experience unlimited potentials inside us and to shift our energies. This workshop will help you to realize your true-self and you will be able to get the ultimate truth (Param-Satya) of life (Existence).


What attendees say...
"'Awakening' is a real rejuvenation of mind, body & soul. After this program, I am always connected to higher energy,I improved my Intuition power and started living in now."
Archana Haria
Makeup Artist, Mumbai
" In every area of my life, it helped me to uplift myslef and be at peace during any difficulties of life. I understood the real meaning of spirituality. Thank you for giving me a new birth."
Bhavini Sethia
"If you really wish to know your true self, come and attend it once. It's a journey from Ego to Self"
Hardik Kanani

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