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Be Your Own Doctor WORKSHOP
disease-free • Fit • Young • Energetic • Weight Loss

Take Full Control  of Your Health

The ‘Be Your Own Doctor’ workshop is a unique, powerful, 2-day program to be fitter, younger, to lose weight, and reverse your health condition. It consists of a 21-day action plan to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. This course is not a new diet or doesn’t give you a strict exercise or lifestyle plan, it’s a habit-driven solution for overall well-being. If you can build healthier eating and movement habits, you will naturally start healing. It’s not only more effective, but it’s also easier and more enjoyable!

Be Your Own Doctor Workshop focuses on going back to where you were. It works on finding out the root cause of the diseases. You can’t heal any disease until you know where it was originated from.

Put a full stop to popping the pills or relying on medicines, tests or doctors to feel better. This program gives you practical and easy to implement the 21-day formula to reverse any lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, arthritis, PCOD, migraine, acidity, constipation, GERD, or even cancer.

Why This BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR Online Workshop

Are you tired of taking medicines? Do you wish to gain more energy, look younger and be fitter? Do you want to achieve an optimum level of health? Do you wish to build great immunity? Have you tried again and again to lose weight? The supplements, the diets, the meal replacements, positive thinking, exercise machines and sweaty workouts? Have you succeeded for a short time, only to find that you put the weight right back on? Are you tired of beating yourself up about your body? Are you tired of making your life so much about health challenges? If so, this workshop is for you.

  • According to the National family health survey, India’s obesity has doubled in the last 10 years
  • India has become the diabetes capital of the world
  • Lifestyle disorders like Hypertension or Cancer are some of the rapidly growing diseases in the country

This workshop gives you non-expensive and simple ideas to drastically change your lifestyle on a sustainable level. Plus, the workshop is super fun. It is going to be an interactive session and will have lots of practical exercises.

Any disease is reversible if you work on the root cause of it. – Shivangi Desai

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What attendees say...
Bhadresh Chhaya
The workshop’s scientific method can change your life. My energy level remains high. My sleep quality has improved a lot. I have built more stamina. Shivangi ma'am is very caring for everyone and also she is so down to earth. I am so thankful to ma'am who gave me such great experience.
Bhadresh Chhaya
Shilpa Deshmukh
My thyroid level was 14.9 before the workshop. After following only 2 mini-habits given by Shivangi ma'am for 15 days, my thyroid level is now 7.2. I feel energetic throughout the day. My confidence and quality of sleep have greatly improved
Shilpa Deshmukh
Sapna Landge
All the mini habits given by Shivangi ma'am are so simple that there is no trouble in following them. I feel 50% more energy than before. I am not facing the constipation which I had earlier. My son and the whole family have started living a healthy lifestyle after the workshop. Thank you so much.
Sapna Langde


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