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Business Champion

Business  Champion

Every Business has Its Own journey, but what is the Destination Do it has Milestones? This Workshop gives Roadmap to your Business, Defines your Destination and Strategizing the journey. It will help you to Build Team, Organizing each function of the Team and empowering individual team members with W-W-W and L-L-L Concept. Most importantly understanding your Customer and his Psychology, defining his needs, Fears and Objections, Capturing and Nurturing Leads with Sales Conversation. All this with power of Digital Marketing for Branding, Marketing and Revenue Generation for B2B and B2C Clintails.

Building Team with competent and professionals is one of the secret for the growth, You will learn  hiring and retaining  the quality people and saying NO to unsuitable members. You will know in-depth about Product Adoption, Process of Sales, Drafting sales Talk, 13 Question, top Sales Techniques, Magic Numbers, NLP and communication.

You will start Understanding your balance Sheet, Cash Management and Ration Analysis, Corporate Mind power, Building Correct Mind Set and Leadership and Coaching mentoring with Customized 6 Coaching sessions with one of the 3 Coaches.



SESSION-1 – Business challenges & Roadmap

SESSION-2 –Structuring Organization, Team Delegation & Empowerment

SESSION-3 – Exponential Lead Generation

SESSION-4 – Digital Marketing

SESSION-5 – Employee Hiring, On boarding, Growth & Retention

SESSION-6 – Psychology of Product adoption & process of sales

SESSION-7 – Handling objection to sale & drafting sales talk

SESSION-8 – Advanced concepts of sales

SESSION-9- Cash Management & Ratio Analysis

SESSION- 10 – Corporate Mind Power

SESSION-11- Creating wealth

SESSION-12- Team Building & Motivation

SESSION-13 – Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring

SESSION-14- Leadership & Management

SESSION-15 – Organization wellness & culture

SESSION-16- Cost concepts – Leverages – Breakeven & Waste elimination

SESSION-17- Work Life Balance

SESSION-18- The way forward


CA Tushar Pathak

Life Coach & Business Coach

Sandip Gajjar​

Business Strategist & Solutionist

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