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Category: Health

6 Ideas to Get Rid of Laziness

English Hindi English That feeling of … I don’t want to do anything at all …hits just about everyone. Many succumb to it easily and
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How Morning Meditation can relieve your Stress

English Hindi English 1. How morning meditation relieves stress and anxiety? Many people meditate regularly during the morning hours. It doesn’t take much of their
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5 Easy Home Exercise Tips

English Hindi English Are you spending too much time in the office or working overnight shifts or you are falling tight on money this month?
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Are you constantly complaining ?

English Hindi English Why constant complaining is lethal for you? Life can sometimes be extremely stressful. We constantly face a lot of challenges in our
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How Comparison Can Damage Your Brain

English Hindi English This post is for all those who at some point in their lives have stood second and were made to feel bad.
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5 Tips To Develop Healthy Eating Habits

English Hindi English Most people I interact with want to lose weight or get fitter. Sometimes people tell me that in spite of hitting the
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