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Be Your Own Doctor

Be Your Own Doctor Workshop

Be Your Own Doctor Workshop is not a new diet or doesn’t give you strict exercise or lifestyle plan, it’s a habit-driven solution for overall well-being. 

Discover the secrets that can make you healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Designed and created by Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Shivangi Desai ; Be Your Own Doctor (BYOD) program is designed especially for those who want to change their lives without drugs or surgery.


This program will help you: 

  • To have more energy 
  • To Look younger 
  • To have great immunity to protect you against disease
  • To lose weight in a healthy way & keep it off
  • With that all developing a healthy relation with food and exercise


If you can build healthier eating and movement habits, you will naturally start healing. It is not only more effective, but also easier and more enjoyable to use!

Be Your Own Doctor is for the person who wants to change their life without drugs or surgery.

Be Your Own Doctor includes:

  • 5-day Live interactive, practical and intensive workshop
  • 3-week live workout sessions (3 Days a week)
  • 21-day action plan to help you lead a healthy lifestyle


BYOD workshop is a unique, powerful, 1-month program to be fitter, younger, to lose weight and reverse your health condition. 

Be Your Own Doctor Program containing  5-day Live interactive, practical and intensive workshops, 3-week live workout sessions with a 21-day action plan to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


26 Dec 2020 - 27 Dec 2020


Indian Standard Time
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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