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Power of Subconscious Mind

4 hours of Live Online Workshop

In this Program You will Learn:
  1. Miracle of Life
  2. Sources of all power
  3. Instruction Manual To Change Your Own Mind
  4. You will learn about the biggest mistake You Are Doing That Is Causing You To Fail
  5. 3 Legs of Belief
  6. Secret Of Things That is Never Done Before
  7. 10 Step Full proof Method


19 Sep 2021


9:00 am - 1:00 pm



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  • Sneh Desai
    Sneh Desai
    Business & Life Coach

    For over 26 remarkable years, Sneh Desai has been a guiding force in empowering individuals to embrace transformative change through his life changing workshops” Recognized as India’s eminent authority on personal growth and success, Sneh’s passion and commitment to personal development have impacted countless lives, earning him widespread acclaim as a trailblazer in the field. Fueled by a profound dedication to catalyzing positive shifts, Sneh draws upon his extensive expertise in psychology, human behavior, and spiritual wisdom to craft a program that resonates deeply with individuals seeking profound transformation. His unwavering belief in the potential for greatness within each person is at the core of his teachings, inspiring individuals to uncover their hidden capabilities and live life to its fullest potential.

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