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ID Card Terms & Policy

1. Photography Verification

The submitted photograph must belong to the individual applying for membership.

Any falsification of the photograph will result in immediate termination of membership privileges.

2. Identity Card Non-Transferability

The Change Your Life Identity Card is strictly non-transferable.

It must be carried and presented upon request throughout the entire program duration.

3. Exclusion of Professional Trainers, Coaches, or Mentors

The ID Card is not valid for professional trainers, coaches, or mentors participating in the program.

4. Prohibition of Audio and Video Recording

Recording audio or video during the program is strictly prohibited.

Violation of this rule will lead to the confiscation of recording equipment and the ID Card, along with the cancellation of lifetime membership.

5. Seat Allocation for Repeat Attendees

Repeat attendees are allowed to occupy rear seats within their respective categories.

Priority seating must be given to first-time attendees.

6. Consequences of Program Rule Violation

Any breach of program rules may result in the cancellation of lifetime membership and forfeiture of the ID Card.

7. Money Back Guarantee /Refund Policy

In the event of a refund request or Money back guarantee , the member relinquishes all membership rights.

Workshop materials and workbooks must be surrendered to the respective counter or a designated representative of Sneh Academic Services Pvt Ltd.

Refund requests must be submitted by the end of the third day after completing the full workshop. No refunds will be granted after leaving the event premises on the third day.

8. Reservation of Rights

All rights are reserved by Sneh Academic Services Pvt Ltd.

This breakdown provides a clear and concise overview of the policy points for easy reference and understanding.

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