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Consulting CEO

He is a Radio officer, Author, passionate management trainer and motivational speaker par excellence with excellent qualities and inner purity of a successful trainer.

He has 19 years of experience as a hardcore sale professional & as a trainer. He started from the grass-root salesperson to operations head in the largest direct-selling companies of the World(Eureka Forbes Ltd.)

Tushar Pathak


With over 33+ years of professional experience in the corporate world-leading group of companies as Vice President (Finance). Dealing with government agencies and private organizations over a decade. Developing 18+ business center and leading a team of 400+ people in fields of sales, marketing and business development. to become a specialist in Finance, Management and Growth strategies.

Naxatra Meuva

Dr. Naxatra Meuva


Dr Naxatra Meuva is the youngest Metaphysician of India and the first Metaphysician of Gujarat. He has attained his Doctorate of Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysics (USA). Thousands of people have transformed their lives after attending his unique “Beyond Mind Power” workshop.

Avani Bhadesia

Life Coach

Avani Bhadesia is a Personal Life Coach. Started learning other than studying at the age of 11 knowledge of self-discovery and self-development. Associated with Sneh Desai for more than 12 years. After completing schooling in psychology and graduation with English Language as a special subject she became Master in Business Administration (MBA).

Vishad Parikh

Motivational Trainer

Vishad Parikh is a youth Motivational Trainer and Memory Master serving people with his energetic programs for more than 4 years. His training program is a great opportunity for youngsters and professionals to identify and utilize their true potential.

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