Success To Greatness

2,400 Including GST

Energizer Series
(Set of 10 Video Sessions)
Each energizer will bring gradual changes in your life. If these small changes are regular, they will ultimately lead to a massive change in your life.

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You can take this workshop as a 10 months’ training course, watch 1 session a month, practice it & then move ahead…

Course Content-Topics:

✔ Take Action Now
✔ Change Mental Programmings
✔ Ultimate Happiness
✔ Every Problem Has Spiritual Solution
✔ God Is Our Psychological Need
✔ Answer to Every Problem
✔ Effort to Effortless
✔ Life in Balance
✔ Live in NOW
✔ Enlightenment Now

Key Benefits:

✔ Guide you to achieve Ever Lasting Success in your Life
✔ Inspire & Motivate yourself to take action Immediately
✔ Help you to Understand the World You See and The World You live in
✔ Learn to de-program yourself and Create New Positive
✔ Thought Patterns
✔ Learn to create Leverage of permanent change
✔ Help you to think beyond positive thinking
✔ Help you to Understand the goal behind every goal and how to achieve it
✔ You can shift your focus from problems to solutions
✔ Get the universal spiritual solution and rise above all problems
✔ Balance yourself perfectly between Science & Spirituality
✔ Understand the Meaning of Religion
✔ Learn to stop taking things personally
✔ Get Understanding of meditation & the power to surrender
✔ Balance yourself Between Success and Inner Peace
✔ You will be happy in the most stressful & challenging situations of life

What’s included?

19+ Hours Online Content | 10 PDF Manual | 10 Online Videos


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