Learn to Make Your Business COMPETITION FREE, DEBT FREE, RECESSION FREE in Less than 8 hours

You’ll learn in the duration of 8 hours about how can you turn leads into paying customers

I can assure you if you execute the strategies which I’ll give in the workshop, you’ll make Double the profit you’re making now in the next 2 months.

Value of this program is 20,000/-

But, for a Limited time, I am providing this program at the cost of 999/- Only.

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

Date: 20th May 2023

Time: 4 PM To 10 PM

Platform: Live On Zoom

A great businessman is a fast action-taker.


Business is like a baby, Just like a baby passed through multiple phases like learning to walk, learning to speak, and even falling and failing while learning and sometimes succeeding.

 In the same way, Business also passes through multiple phases – ups and downs, profits and losses, success and failure.

 All you have to do is understand the business phase in which your business is currently operating. 

If you don’t know your business state, you’ll never build a successful business.

If you’re not sure about your business condition, then the below points will help you in figuring out⬇️:

  • Are you worried about competitors taking away your customers?

  • Are you confused about from where to start to achieve your business goal?

  • Do you have to invest a lot of time in business even after having a team?

  • Is your team lacking sales skills and business vision the same as yours?

  • Are your all marketing strategies failing to give you the expected results?

  • Are you bearing more marketing costs than generating profit?

  • Are you facing more Rejection from customers than successful deals?

  • Are you feeling that you’re not getting potential customers even after putting in all your effort?

  • Are you generating good revenue, but not handsome profit?

  • Are you providing your service at the lowest price point, but still not able to excel?

  • Are you trying to discover a new market, but not getting the right direction to start in?

  • Are you struggling to get new customers and losing present customers?

If you’re facing any of these problems, even ONE of these, then it’s a LOOPHOLE of a business

It will always be an obstacle to the growth of your baby.



Literally, IMAGINE,

If you eliminate all of these problems or even any one of these, then how would your business grow?

Your business would flourish with customers, sales, profit, cash flow, expansion, high-market value, high demand, and a lot more…

The problem with today’s businessmen is that they consider business success is a big deal, but it is not.

If you’re running a business, then you need one thing and that is MIND.

To run a business, you need a clear vision, goals, and a system.

But now it’s filled with a lot of myths, wrong information, and hypothetical stories,


If you’re reading, then I see potential in you, you can boost your business but you might be having some doubts such as:

  • How this program will help me?
  • What will be the ROI (return on investment) if I invest my money?
  • Is this business training worth attending?
  • Will this program teach me how to generate sales?
  • Will this program teach me how to expand my business around the globe?

And a lot more doubts…

(It’s human tendency to get more doubts than solutions)

There’s one famous saying, 

“If you want to know WHAT TO DO, then first know WHAT NOT TO DO”

So, what if you attend this program,

  • You’ll make double the profit of current profit in the next 2 months
  • You’ll learn how to be unique from your competitors
  • Your ROI will be 100X of what you paid.
  • You’ll learn how to produce results without putting much effort and time
  • The way I expanded my business around the globe, you’ll learn and be able to expand your business.

And if you don’t attend then,

  • You’ll continue your business the way it was.
  • You’ll keep struggling with business growth.
  • Imagine, the obstacles of business, that will keep going.
  • No change, no hope.

You’re a parent to your business, the way parents do every possible thing to keep their baby healthy and happy,

In the same way,

you should do every possible thing to make your business grow.

I want to help people grow their businesses, you know why?

Because if you grow your business, your life standard will grow.

And eventually, it indirectly contributes to a nation’s growth.

To ensure your growth and security,

 I am offering you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

It means you can attend 8 Hours of Business Training, Take Benefits of after Programs, Receive Bonuses,

And still, if you don’t find it useful, 

You can ask for a Money Back/Refund.

My team will 100% REFUND your money without any questions.

“You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”

– Warren Buffett 

(Most Successful Investors of all time)

This quote from Warren Buffet has helped me a lot in growing my 11 businesses.

Right now, I am a Business Coach where I provided training to multiple brands like:

I am into the business for the last 25 years and now I want to pass on those experiences and learnings to you.

I took months and months to design this unique and exclusive business program, which includes:

  • My 25 years of experience in the business.
  • Learnings from experts which I paid Crores to acquire that knowledge.
  • Proven methods to excel in business.
  • How to grow business even in times of recession.
  • How to be unique from the competitors.
  • How to get 6 months of revenue in just 1 month of span.
  • How to build an effective and efficient team.
  • How to build your business as a BRAND.
  • How to run your business on Auto-pilot.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get Started

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100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C


100% money back guarantee

After completing the workshop, If You Feel Like You did not get enough value from it, then You Do not have to pay us any Rupee. 

Because We have a 100% RISK-FREE Money Back Guarantee. 

If You are Not Satisfied with the Program, Contact us within a few hours and We will Return Your 100% Money Back. 

No Questions Asked.

A Glimpse of What You'll Learn

Module: 1

How to build unshakable business in 2023 & Beyond

Module: 4

How to build high performance team

Module: 7

Establish yourself as a celebrity brand in your industry

Module: 2

Proven System to achieve your business goal

Module: 5

Modern Marketing strategy to attract customers

Module: 8

How to use social media to find customers for FREE

Module: 3

7 Pillars to develop an autopilot business

Module: 6

Secrets to 10x your sales

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100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

Let Me Quickly Introduce Myself and Why You Need to Listen to Me

Hi, I am Sneh Desai, India’s Leading Life and Business Coach and also Awarded As “Expert In Digital Coach” By Economic Times (TOI Group) In 2021.

I am into the training industry for the last 26 years and have served as a Life & Business Coach to over 26 lakh people over 26 cities in India and 7 countries Globally.

Recently, I Shared the Stage With Many International Legends Featured In Many Newspapers, Articles, News Channels, And Radio Interviews.

At the age of 9, I started delivering training programs and achieved a huge milestone by becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional at 12 years of age.

I have been working on a mission to empower people with true financial knowledge and achieve financial freedom.

I believe in living the ultimate life which includes a richness of Relationships, Money, Career, Happiness, and Spirituality.

I am currently running 11 Successful Businesses and am a Business Coach for 200+ businesses.

I authored 12 books until now, of which 2 are the best-selling ones, “Change Your Life” and another one written with Legendary Brian Tracy “Ultimate Secrets to Wealth”.

I had a great opportunity to share the stage with the International Legends Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, and Jack Canfield.

Recently, I conducted one of the biggest training programs in the Indian Training Industry in December 2022 by organizing India’s Biggest Growth Summit which was attended by 6500 people.

Where I brought international legend, Dr. Deepak Chopra, the wealthy cop Mr. Sunil Tulsiani, Indian Monk Shri Gaur Gopal Dasji, and the Great Entrepreneur and Bollywood actor Mr. Suniel Shetty on One stage for the very first time in India.

What Our Participants Have To Say About The Workshop

Ramesh Jain Mewar Marbles, Mumbai

“Grown 1 Showroom to 18+ Franchises”

“I could never dream of supplying tiles, stones and marbles outside my showroom area in Mumbai. By implementing only a few techniques learnt at the Business Genius program, I now supply marbles, stones and my own brand tiles in all the corners of the country and even export the same to Middle East and African countries. Now, I have my own mines and proprietary brand of tiles which are being distributed through my 18+ Franchise branches growing in number.”

– A Trader Turned – Manufacturer

Ankit Thakkar AM Mediplast, Ahmedabad

“Went 40 Lacs Per Month To 2 Crore Per Month”

“Our average sale of an industrial product Master Batch was Rs. 40 lakhs per month. After joining the Business program, we dropped ineffective product lines & focused on high-value products by achieving an increased turnover of 2 cr. per month & considerable increase in profits. We are also setting up a new manufacturing unit for the expansion.”

– An SSI Owner Becoming MSME Owner

Rahul Kulkarni Prolific Wealth Creator, Mumbai

“Developed A Team Of 10+ Members And 300+ Clients”

“I am into stock broking business and hence used to advice 300+ clients through phone on daily basis and I had a team of only 2 employees. After going through Business Program, I developed a team of 10+ employees, and implemented all systems to add product lines & now I just handle a few calls & my team is giving me fantastic business which has increased my profit manifold.”

– A Stock Market Advisor

Maulik Choksi Shreeji Construction, Ahmedabad

“Our Business Is On Auto Mode With A Growth Of 50+% Along With Development Of Additional Business”

“Ours is a business of Waterproofing, Structural Strengthening & Retrofitting for giants like Ganesh Housing, Apple woods etc. By establishing the TS3 model of the Business Program, our business is in auto mode with a growth of 50+% along with the development of an additional business line in Construction Chemicals Work. We have a great win-win culture among our team members.”

– A Solopreneur

Khushboo Agarwal K-Line Holidays, Pune “

Within No Time, The Turnover Of My Company Rocketed To Rs 5 Crore From 2 Crore”

“I am in a Tourism Industry, organizing National & International tours with a turnover of Rs. 2 cr. The business Program taught me how to expand the business by addressing to corporate markets & within no time, the turnover of my company rocketed to Rs 5 crore. My ambition is to achieve turnover of Rs. 25 cr. in the next 3 years.”

– A Woman Entrepreneur

Mita Rane Kuber Investment, Mumbai

“Started Adding Additional Investment Products & More Employees, There By Increasing My Business Manifold”

“Sitting in a small cabin with 2 employees, I was doing business for 20 years. Learning through Business Program opened my vision & I started adding additional investment products & more employees, thereby increasing my business manifold. Now I have a team of 7 Employees and my own office premises of 700 sq. ft. & my business is run by my employees.”

-An Investment Advisor

If I can achieve an impossible DREAM then YOU also can achieve all the DREAM that looks impossible for now!!
And, to help you achieve your business goals this 8 hours of business training - “UNSHAKABLE BUSINESS” is a perfect foundation for you.

Register now and get access to these 8 hours of Powerful Business Training

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C

Date: 20th May 2023

Time: 4 PM TO 10 PM

Platform: Live On Zoom

If you’re working 12 hours a day to keep your business working, Then you’re not doing business, you’re doing JOB.

Many will not love listening to this, but this is a bitter truth of entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs.

If you’re willingly putting your energy and time into the business, then it’s a different story,

But if you have to invest your time and energy in your business, even after having a team then there’s something wrong.

I own 11 businesses, but I hardly invest my time there, it’s because I know how to run a business in my own’s absence.

Somewhere you chose the option of doing business because you wanted these:

Financial Freedom Time Freedom Be your own master

But, do you think You’re having any of these?

You know the answer.

So let’s, not your Business suffer more.

Click here and get your ticket to my exclusive webinar on Business.

100% Money-Back Guarantee / No T&C


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