Train The Trainer Workshop

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Train the Trainer workshop is designed by Sneh Desai, for the beginner-to-intermediate coach to provide them with additional skills, strategies and models that will help them become a better, more effective coach and trainer.

    • Key Features :
      • How do you become a Trainer- Leader – Creating the First & Lasting Impression?
      • Fundamentals of Training
      • Designing the lecture/workshop
      • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills – Assessing your training potential
      • Speak to Motivate-Inspire-Convince
      • Speak to Acknowledge
      • How to Develop a Competent Team
      • Learn the Process of Team Formation

Whether you are just starting out as a public speaker or already a pro, we want to show you how we can help supercharge your ambition and turn it into real money.

What you will get in this program?

  • Module 1: Why you should become a trainer
  • Module 2: Choose your niche
  • Module 3: Content creation
  • Module 4: Become a superstar stage & online speaker
  • Module 5: Social media following at zero cost
  • Module 6: Packaging your training effectively
  • Module 7: Creating your selling hub
  • Module 8: Running ad campaigns at low cost

You will also Learn

  • 2 Private clarity coaching session
  • Speaking practice session (recorded workshop)

Whether you are just starting out as a Strength & Conditioning or Personal Trainer, or you have been in the industry for years, Train The Trainer helps you achieve your goals – Get on the right tools and information to be the BEST CERTIFIED TRAINER.