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You might be thinking that Why Trainer needs more acumen. He knows each and everything. But every day many changes are taking place. Any Trainer may be master in his own field, and he needs to be prepared by all means so that he can succeed in his life. We are a team of experienced people will enable him to lead every aspect of life. 

Success in any field doesn’t just happen. It requires careful and detailed planning, years of education & perfect practice. Training is no different. Yes, it requires education & practice, but it doesn’t require so much hard work as compared to other academic degrees.

 “Train the Trainer (T3P)/ leadership program” has been developed and designed by Sneh Desai, Sandip Gajjar and their team. Duration of this program is 8 days. We can just say that teaching provides knowledge in theory, facts and practices. But training provides experience to understand this and transform it into the real-time application. 

Till date, we have trained 400+ trainers, who are imparting knowledge of positivity in every corner of the world.

This program initially launched for those who want to be Trainer.in this 8 days program, we teach them useful things of life, relation. Only those can be a trainer who good repo in society, smooth relation with everybody. This program is restricted to only 15 participants. So that we can have close interaction with them, reply to them of many questions. Till date, many professionals have undergone the program, like Doctors, Chartered Accountants or even housewife

Your successful attendance will shape your career through gaining a Competitive EDGE and Earn Respect, Gain the confidence to stand in front of any audience, Remove stage fear, become well known as an expert in your field, developing forefront Communication Skill etc. 

Becoming a trainer is a possibility for ANYONE from any walk of life. You do not need to be a Good SPEAKER or have other formal EXPERIENCE. This is a human process open to any person. TRAINING joins naturally with any kind of work in which you are attending to an ongoing process. For example, it can fit seamlessly into your work if you help others move forward or find more ease, or your work is about finding the right expression for something.

Content of Train the Trainer Workshop



What People Can Do is Amazing but What People Actually Do is Disappointing.

What Celebrities say...
"A small fearful school kid who could’t speak in front of his teachers now shares stage with india's most popular trainer- Sneh Desai. All because of T3P"
Vishad Parikh
Trainer, Entrepreneur
"I learnt Tarot from Sneh sir in 2006. After T3P, I authored two books on Tarot and Spiritual healing & Became a Successful Professional Tarot trainer."
Sweta Khatri
Tarot Card Reader, Author
"After T3P, I could bring changes in lives of lakhs of people through my books, coporate programs & personal counseling. I never thought I could write a book or change so many lives."
Nilesh Parmar
Author, Motivational Speaker

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