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Ultimate Life
Awaken Your Inner Warrior

Be a WARRIOR of your Life

There are two skills to learn in life: Science of Achievement and Art of Fulfillment. This workshop is about learning the Art of Fulfillment. Find your way to ultimate fulfilment in your life as you master your physical health, career and Relationship at Ultimate Life Workshop. This 4-day immersive program is designed to help you reclaim your body’s natural vitality, career, peace and relationship. With this, you will re-establish balance and fulfilment in your life.
Implementation of this knowledge will help you grow professionally and personally, and define fulfilment with one word: progress.

At Ultimate Life Workshop, you will cleanse your body of unwanted toxins and restore vital nutrients to reclaim your energy and enhance your mental well-being with the help of therapies like Shankhprakshalana, Acupressure and Jalneeti therapies. You will get Mouthwatering Naturopathy food for all 4 days and Naturopathy experts will share the recipes of the food too. You will get knowledge of cooking Do’s and Don’ts for good Health and Day to day nourishment. In a nutshell, you will…
Your true success depends on the quality of your relationships, health and emotions. - Sneh Desai

Course Content

Day 1 |

Learn techniques and formulas to get rid of your mental stress forever and be in a happy state of mind anytime you want.

Find out the root of your stress

Finding your Life’s Strong Pillars and Weak Pillars

Finding your Ultimate Happiness

Finding your Focus area and Growth

Day 3 |

The workshop is conducted at Naturopathy Center. you will know secret tips and ideas to keep you young and energetic forever.

Therapies like Shankhprakshalana, Acupressure and Jalneeti for Detoxification

Mouthwatering Naturopathy food for all 4 days

Recipes of nutritious food

Day 2 |

Know secret tips and ideas to keep you young and energetic forever.

Understand the Psychology of your family member

Love Language of Your Life Partner

We recommend you to attend the workshop with your better half and enjoy the courtship period again

Day 4 |
Commitment, Clarity & Warrior Mindset

Create absolute clarity; discover what really drives your behaviour. You will create your own ‘Life Map’ to guide you in difficult times.

Define Your Career, Future and Full Life Map with Beautiful Technique

Define Your WHY and Execution of your Life

What attendees say...
“When you have a vision but don’t know where to start, ‘Ultimate life’ is the place for you. It gave me a direction to live a life I always wanted to .”
Vaishakhi Hariya
Business Owner
“Immediately after this program, I could act and achieve a goal that I wanted to do for many years. I gained immense clarity.”
Dinesh Parmar
Professional Fitness Trainer
“It was an amazing roller-coaster of feelings, emotions & realizations. I found clarity and purpose of my life. It was life changing experience for me.”
Darshan Somaiya

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